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Company Profile

Vitroflora is the research and development arm of the Cedar Hill Corporate Group.
It is involved in the domestication and selection of a diverse range of native and exotic plants for the cut flower and foliage industry, nursery and landscape industry. Vitroflora is managed by Shaun O’Brien who has a broad knowledge of Australian native plants and exotics used in the various horticulture industries. During his studies and subsequent employment, he specialized in micropropagation (tissue culture) and the associated advanced techniques used to develop new plant varieties.

Many of Australia’s native plants have huge potential in ornamental horticulture industries, however many of them have never been developed or domesticated. The majority of Australian native plants require specialized propagation techniques to successfully establish them as a horticultural commodity.

The main aim of Vitroflora is to develop new varieties of plants that can be protected and released to both local and international markets to be utilized in various ways such as cut flowers and foliages, pot plants and feature landscape plants.

Vitroflora also does contract research and development of plants for other private companies.